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Supply Chain and Logistics

An enterprise-wide strategy (of which the supply chain is an integral part) that enables a company to use big data to drive business value is most strongly correlated with big data analytics success. A supply chain-specific strategy for big data is the next best choice

A second key to generating more substantial returns is ensuring that big data analytics is operationalized. Ecfatum has found that companies that embed analytics in their day-to-day supply chain operations generate more significant and far-reaching benefits than those that use big data analytics on an ad hoc basis in limited areas of focus.....

Big data analytics offers tremendous potential to improve many aspects of a company’s business, and can have a major impact on a company’s overall operating and financial performance. Yet it also is a sizeable investment and must be thoroughly thought through in concert with the company’s overall data and analytics strategy and with the outcome and supporting business case fully find out more about how to utilize the available data more efficiently to gain a competitive edge, you may contact us by email at or or Tel07508 188212