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From our on going research and monitoring we notice that Big Data Analytics has recently dominated the technology headlines and it is surely one of the most influencing current trends in the world of information management. However, unlike many other topics that have shaken the IT industry in the past, it is not primarily driven by a discussion on technology. Admittedly disruptive technology approaches propel the performance of data processing to a new order of magnitude. But first and foremost, Big Data Analytics is about leveraging extensive information assets in order to enhance business process performance or to even create entirely new business models. Consequently, fully understanding Big Data always means to look at it in front of a particular business context. In this respect, the logistics industry is a promising target for applying Big Data techniques as it heavily relies on extensive information flows.

A timely and accurate delivery can only be assured if data travels ahead of every single shipment. On a global scale, the tracing of goods from origin to destination creates an enormous data set that fuels a variety of valuable Big Data use cases.

Many market players become aware of the fact that Big Data is a game changing trend for the logistics industry. the quest for competitive advantage starts with the identification of strong Big Data use cases.