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Data analytics has proven to be a critical tool in the design of winning strategies across the pharmaceutical industry. With access to more types of data than ever before, companies must determine how to manipulate large volumes of information to gain actionable business insights.

The big-data opportunity is especially compelling in complex business environments experiencing an explosion in the types and volumes of available data. In the health-care and pharmaceutical industries, data growth is generated from several sources, including the R&D process itself, retailers, patients, and caregivers. Effectively utilizing these data will help pharmaceutical companies better identify new potential drug candidates and develop them into effective, approved and reimbursed medicines more quickly.

Imagine a future where the following is possible:

Instead of rigid data silos that are difficult to exploit, data are captured electronically and flow easily between functions, for example, discovery and clinical development, as well as to external partners, for instance, physicians and contract research organizations (CROs). This easy flow is essential for powering the real-time and predictive analytics that generate business find out more about the strategies we have implemented to use data more efficiently, you may contact us by email at or or Tel 07508 188212