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With a wealth of data: customer data, claims data, actuarial data, financial data and risk data, harnessing its true power has become a top priority for insurers.

As insurers strive to create a more engaging customer journey, drive collaboration between departments and move to increased automation – analytics is the key enabler. It’s now not a 'nice-to-have', but rather a competitive differentiator.

Whether it’s predictive analytics, propensity models or customer analytics, the trick now is turning that wealth of data into real business insights and actions.

As an insurance company you will be able to explore how to:

When it comes to handling and processing data, insurance companies have typically relied upon data warehousing or point data solutions, which may have served them well for pricing, operational MI and compliance, but the explosion of data available to the insurer equals more cost not only to store the data but also to mine the data to discover the “golden nugget” of find out more about how to utilize the available data more efficiently, you may contact us by email at or or Tel 07508 188212