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Every trader tries to factor in the range of possibilities that can affect their market position, but commodity traders have it tougher than most. Commodity traders are rapidly adopting new analytics tools to help, testing how a combination of powerful cloud-based processing systems and increasingly sophisticated analytics tools can boost their bottom line. On the surface of it, there is clear potential: from optimising asset valuations, right through to more accurately foretelling the commodity price movements.

Data is no longer a simple by-product, derived from multiple sources by a multitude of people. Data is now a strategic asset that can be used and manipulated for intrinsic competitiveness.

The business repercussions of Bad Data can be catastrophic, in the same way that quality and timely data can be supremely advantageous. Ecfatum recognises that the pace of changes facing the energy markets today – turbulent economics, political volatility, projects complexity, risks and costs – is so fast, that it leaves many organisations struggling to catch up, At eCfatum we are of the opinion that no company should be left behind, organisations need to invest in data discovery strategies– and a mind-set change at the board level to treat data like any other strategic find out more about the strategies we have implemented to use data more efficiently, you may contact us by email at or or Tel 07508 188212